Songwriter Kreem, Karim ter Veer was 17 when he taught himself to play guitar. For some time, he dedicated his time to composing and producing music for others. During a tough period in his personal life he decided to shift focus on expressing what he was going through by composing his own songs.

One of the projects he worked on earlier was the song “Part of Me” by LittleKings. He wrote this originally for a lemonade brand which quickly generated a viral status with over 16 million streams worldwide.

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Inspired by artists such as Gotye, Emily King and Post Malone, his music dynamically blends elements of introverted singer/songwriter and alternative pop with today’s modern in-your-face pop sound. His love for analogue, which he shares with producer Mark van Bruggen, can be heard throughout his music: with the sound of 80’s synthesizers, vintage drum computers and even a ‘singing saw’ Kreem managed to craft his own unique sound.
“This song describes the transition into a new phase of my personal life where I was first headed nowhere while being petrified. Through honest introspection I had an epiphany which helped me to start flourishing towards a better version of myself. At the same time, this song moves me as a new musical chapter in which I have found my own true sound without making any concessions for the first time in my life.”
Kreem about the song "That Guy"
This spring, Kreem will be launching his debut EP. With melodic, warm and vibrant songs with a poppy feel, he takes you on a trip through his thoughts and feelings. The tracks are packed with passion and enthusiasm and convey genuine emotional resonance. They are personal and emotional yet filled with vitality and joy of life, making the songs true pick-me-ups.

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That Guy Acoustic @ Tramkade